Saturday, December 05, 2009

How to run eBusiness Suite R12 using IE8

IE8 is not supported for R12 as yet but it does work by disabling a security setting related to Cross Site Scripting (XSS). This solution works on Vista 64 using IE8 on Release 12.1

Here is how to do it:
Firstly we need to add the EBS application server to trusted sites within IE as we definitely do want the IE8 XSS filter active for general Internet browsing.
1. In IE8 Select Tools->Internet Options->Security(tab)->Trusted Sites
2. Click Sites and type in the hostname of the server running R12, untick Require HTTPS if needed and add the website to the list of trusted sites. Hit close.
3. Still in the Security tab click the custom level button and scroll right to the bottom and the third option from the bottom at the time of writing is 'Enable XSS Filter" set the option value to Disable.

Make sure you only disable the XSS filter for Trusted sites which should be a small list of intranet servers that you trust the content from.

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